Ageism in the Workforce: Why Young Companies Should Hire Seniors

As life expectancy increases, the number of seniors will continue to grow. This means UK businesses should look to experience through seniors as a guide to the future goals of the company. But if that’s not enough, a document from the British government predicted that the number of individuals over the age of fifty will rise 33% by 2020. In fact, 73% of seniors are either working or searching for a job.

Today, the United Kingdom ranks 19 out of 35 countries for its highest employment rates of over-55s, according to Golden Age Index.  So why are British businesses missing out by not hiring older employees? We’ve all heard the common misconceptions that younger employers will stay longer, possess youthful energy, and are more at ease. However, not only are senior employees a necessary in the UK workforce, they also improve their health, and enhance the overall working environments they are in.

Mentors for the younger employees

A business consisting of a workforce focused on a specific age group will not benefit the company. In fact, companies should aim for a mix of skills, ethics, ages, and organizations that could help maximise the seniors’ area of expertise and help guide their younger counterparts. Learning from older professionals will benefit the company when they know how to tap into the value of mentoring systems.

Less training, more refreshing

One of the biggest reasons why young companies should hire seniors is that as compared to younger employees, they require minimal training. As a result, this could save the company’s financial resources for reviewing rather than training. Not to mention, students who are hired after college end up requiring more training from the beginning rather than already knowing how to do what is expected of them.

Proven experiences mean fewer mistakes

Senior employees have the proven experience to guide them as not only is past experience enough, but also the exposure to how things work. This means there will be fewer chances of mistakes and more opportunities for success. Mature employees will have accumulated plenty of work-related experience, causing them to become an invaluable asset to any firm.

As every employee should be hired on merits, skills, and qualifications, companies should consider hiring more senior employees to create balance within the company. Not to mention, mature workers tend to their proven experience can become a valuable asset to not only the firm but the entire team as well. C

Written by Jane Sandwood